Truly Magical


We tailor-make each and every experience to fit our client's unique vision. Our imaginative in-house designer & Production team make the impossible possible. 


A Memory You'll Remember Forever- 

We specially handcraft every detail for you and your beloved one so that you'll smile whenever you think back to your perfect wedding. 

The Finest Craftsmen

Each and every one of our members possesses an artistic background. We are dreamers who harness the power of magic to imbue soul into any event. Through our work, we strive to  turn our creativity into reality.

Our Philosophy


The timer 

Time is important to us because every second wasted is a missed opportunity to meet our customer's  wants. We are keepers of time, working meticulously to  make every detail in every event perfect. We strive to make things precise so that every happy development  in an event happens when it is meant to.

Lighting youR Event

A flurry of  iridescent fireworks igniting in the sky and sparking the world with hope. We do our best to emulate these fireworks and make your event full of colour and passion. Truly an experience to remember.

Our Client

Our clients come from different industries

  •  Cosmetic Brand

  • Financial Industries

  • Property Developer

  • University and Education Institution

  • Fashion Brand

  • Government Department

  • Media

  • Entertainment Industry

  • NGO

  • Logistic Company

  • Interior Design

  • Studio

  • Mechanical Industry

  • Medical Group

  • Fitness Centre