Awarding Ceremony


Rewarding people within industries or more specifically, internally in your organisation is incredibly important. While times are still tight, rewarding staff and team members can be the easiest way to boost morale and therefore, help to achieve those all important annual goals and objectives, which ultimately will see companies move forward in these tricky times.

Whether you are an international company, an association, an university, or a small organization. Gratify can make your job easy and make your event look incredible! We provide innovative and inspired event design & layout that delight your guests.


The combination of event design, production and management coupled with our superlative onsite team insures great results both in terms of the technical and visual aspect of your event.


We can help you deliver a cocktail party to be proud of by offering the following event management services:


  • Logistical arrangement

  • Guest arrangement

  • EMCEEs

  • Guest reception

  • Decoration

  • After Party

  • Inviation Deisgn

  • Award/ Prize preparation

  • Videos and photography of the evening for follow up to staff, clients and other attendees



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