Cocktail Party - Networking Event



A cocktail party is organized for purpose of social or business networking.


As your dedicated event planner, Gratify, we understand that each client has a unique goal for their meeting or event. Determining the right STRATEGY for each organization is crucial for the foundation of a successful meeting or event. Only from there can a detailed action plan be conceptualized and the proper SOLUTIONS effectively implemented. Our competitive edge comes from recognizing and understanding the end goal and executing a fully developed game plan for SUCCESS.


Let us help make your next event a success


We can help you deliver a cocktail party to be proud of by offering the following event management services:


  • Beverage and Catering arrangement

  • Guest arrangement

  • EMCEEs

  • Guest reception

  • Decoration

  • Modelling

  • Videos and photography of the evening for following up to staff, clients and other attendees

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