“Conferences are really like parties, and an A-list party is one where A-list people are in attendance. You figure out who are the really important people to invite and get them to show up as speakers or as guests. Then everybody wants to be there. If you don't know who the important people are, you shouldn't be doing a conference. ”


Tim O'Reilly


Catering Service

Gratify can provides you an one stop services, from menu design, venue decoration, waiting staff and the whole logistic arrangement. We work together to make sure you and your guests happy and satisfy.


Speech and material preparation

  • Venue set up

  • Lighting

  • Sound equipment

  • Projectors and other equipment

  • Stationary

Conference material preparation, printing and delivery

Venue set up


Guest managements - Invitation design, follow up, reception service and management 


Souvenir Sourcing and Design

Venue Sourcing

Venue Sourcing and pricing comparison

Special Guests Arrangement - Oversea guest & Vip guest

Transportation arrangement

Accommodation arrangement

Dedicated personnel service



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