No celebration is complete without a wonderful bouquet of flowers. We specially choose alluring flowers to decorate your wedding which are lovingly prepared and hand crafted by our professional florist.

We create and design dazzling wedding bouquets, bridal flowers, wedding corsages, wedding garland, boutonnieres and event table decorations to make your big day even more spectacular!

Simply contact us so our florist can work with you to customize your floral decorations and create the perfect wedding flowers with the type of flowers and style of your choice.

Gratify's Wedding Bouquets

Silk flower bouquet   $ 388up

Fresh flower bouquet   $ 799up

Silk flower garland   $ 89up

Silk flower boutonniere   $ 29up

Fresh flower boutonniere   $ 39up

Silk flower corsage   $ 99up

Wedding Flower Package

Bridal bouquet x 1

Groom boutonniere x 1

Officiator boutonniere x 4

Bridesmaid / groomsman boutonniere x 12

* All boutonnieres are with T-shape pin/ corsages are with lace ring

* Extra $5 will be charged for changing boutonniere's T-shape pin into magnetic claps

* Include free consultation services and demo pictures

$ 728 up

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