[All about Networking, Japanese wine tasting, Finger Food &****LIVE MUSIC****]


There is never a bad time for party; but they're especially fun in summer. Ladies and Gentlemen, you are invited to a "Freeflow Sakes' Party! You didn't read it wrong - 'Freeflow Sakes'. 


[ Action now ] - Take this opportunity to try and enjoy a wide variety of specially selected chilled Ice Plum Wine, fruit wine and many new special taste wine. We will bring you a new perspective towards Japanese wine!  

Dress Code: Your favourite Summer Wears & something that will Glow in the Dark!  


What to do it the event - 

***Free Flow Sakes will be served from 6:45 pm to 9:00pm***


• Party in the dark [Time to meet new friends]- you are recommend to wear something that will glow and draw in the dark

• Understand the 10 fabulous selection of sakes that you can taste on the day 

• Blind Tasting

• Lucky Draw

• Beer Pong

• Canton Pop (Live Music)  

• CupCake and Delicious Finger Food Sponsored by Zebratasty


大家計劃左7月1日的活動未?公眾假期唔好留係屋企啦!(地點: LKF)

快D一齊黎參加 '夏日派對'The Blazing Night


-矇眼品酒 (Blind Tasting)- 勝出的參賽者會得到豐富禮物! 
-豐富美食 (Cupcake 及西式小食) 
-Karaoke 時間

現在報名,Orange Peel 特別贊助,在5月30前報名只需HK$250。 



You can purchase your favourite sake at a special discount rate [up to 30% off] on the day! 


Free Flow Shochu 

Japanese Wine Tasting



Early Bird Ticket

Payment on or before 30th May 2016

HK$ 250

Early Bird Ticket

Payment on or before 17th June 2016

HK$ 300

Original Ticket Price & Walk-in Price

HK$ 380

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